I first fell in love with photography at the wee age of 15 when I bought myself a Pentax K1000 and started packing it with me to all-ages punk shows. From there my passion for photographing people in challenging light was born.

Outside of photography I'm passionate about animal rescue and am an active cat-foster (I'm at 17 fostered cats and counting). I also love camping with my soon-to-be husband, walking our dog in the forest, and drinking some cocktails by a camp fire.

I'm Ronnie.

Let's get to know each other.

I'm a city girl at heart, having spent 16 years living in Vancouver, but in 2021 my partner and I bought a 1930's house in the Fraser Valley and have been slowly adapting to country life. Now I'm all about those slow mornings in my garden, planning out the next renovation project, and of course enjoying all the benefits of living surrounded by nature.

Wanna know more?

-E & T


Ronnie photographed our wedding in summer 2023 - She was incredibly helpful throughout the process, including guiding us towards a timeline that worked well for us - ultimately making sure we got the shots we wanted but also had lots of time to enjoy our reception. We didn't have a wedding planner or coordinator, so having someone with her level of experience helping to refine our timeline was invaluable. Ronnie found great locations both at our venue and nearby. She made taking our photos fun and comfortable, and we love the end result


How old I was the first time I shot a wedding. It was my cousins wedding in Hawaii, I shot it on film, and I've never seen the photos!


Number of film cameras I have on my shelf right now that each have half-shot rolls of film in them.


Number of nieces we have. All of our family lives in Alberta and I hate missing all the summer fun with them.


How old I was when my dad built me my own darkroom. I taught myself about contrast by re-printing my dads old film.


Number of pets we have. That includes a dog and two cats, and doesn't even count the 17+ cats I've fostered.


Random facts about me

When I was little all I wanted was to be a veterinarian. And then photography entered my life and it was game over, that was it. At the time everyone told me that you couldn't make money as a photographer but I persisted. and now decades later I feel so fortunate to be living this creative, weird, constantly fluctuating life.

I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and observing their dynamics to figure out how to tell their story through my own perspective. It's a constant challenge. Some days are amazing, some days my feet hurt and I don't get to drink water for 8 hours straight, but when I open up my laptop to see what I got that day I still get butterflies. And that's what I do if for. The butterflies that tell me that I am still passionate about telling other people stories.

the reason I do what I do.

My Why.